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What is Branding? | Brand Anatomy 101

What is a brand and how can you make yours stronger than your peers and competitors?

As a real estate investor, financial advisor, attorney and business owner you are working harder then you need to grow your business if you don't have a fully developed brand.

What is a brand and why is it so important to your business strategy and marketing?

What is branding?

Branding is hard to explain because of all the conflicting uses and misconceptions of it.

Inside we know it's more than a logo and website – walking down the street on one of those tv or YouTube crowd question videos… on the spot – you might make the funny highlight reel. If it was last summer I would too. Yet even I couldn't explain it recently. I got caught off guard.

Listen to the episode to hear why >>>

I wish explaining what branding is was as easy as asking Mercedes Benz “what is a car?”

They would say: "Well a car is a created machine. It gets you from where you are now, to where you want to go." Well shoot. Guess what? A brand is very similar. A brand is a created concept and entity that takes you and your business. from where you are now, to where you want to go.

When we look at a car we see the body and wheels and call that the car.

When we see a logo, website or design we usually call that the brand. Just like a car has many many more parts that make up the car, and make the car work - that we don't usually see or think of, so to are there many more parts to a Brand that makes it work.

I see a lot of companies with a body and wheels of brand but not the engine and transmission. That's what Brand Anatomy podcast is all about.

What is Branding?

Branding is everything visual, verbal, experiential and even the intangible like value, identity and perception.

What are the parts of branding?

Out of all those 5 sub sections, most businesses only create part of the verbal and then the visual section and dust off their hands and call it done.

Then wonder why their marketing efforts are so difficult, time consuming.

The science and strategy behind living your brand.

I am not trying to undermine the visuals here. We are very visual creatures. First observation is almost always visual.

According to Wiley Online Library: People make a subconscious judgment about our brand within 90 seconds of initial viewing for example our website and 62% to 90% of the assessment is based on color alone.

That’s why a great design, not only strategy alone is very important.

Why is that?

Listen to the episode to find out >>>

Branding is RED

Reputation, Experience, and Distinction.

Reputation the R is focused on you. the decided persona, intellectual property, positioning etc. To me the R also stands for resonance. Create a persona that’s authentic to you yet resonates deeply with your best and ideal clients.

Elon Musk - “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time”

You can wield the power of perception and influence. You create perception through branding.

Experience: This is centered on the client, or your audience. How do they feel listening to your podcast? Landing on your website. What is their customer experience with you? What is their life experience now and what is the experience they want? What is your role in that?

A lot of business owners think Price matters but truly experience matters more.

Facebook did a survey of a variety of household income ranges.


And 67% of them reported switching to a different brand for a better experience.

Distinction: This is about how your brand fits in or stands apart and interacts in the industry and the world. This is about your strategy, your creativity and no longer competing on pricing or offerings, becoming incomparable in your industry.


Steve Jobs said that “A brand is simply trust.” If you want to reduce your client or capital acquisition time or your marketing costs and efforts, it’s time to build your brand trust.

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