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Rebranding FAQs Answered

Why did I delete over 40 episode and 8 months of work to rebrand my podcast? The answer proves that your audience specific message is more important than building credibility through numbers.

I answer the top questions my new clients ask me about rebranding their Real Estate Investing and Financial Services company as well.

What happened to Onthentic Podcast?

It’s GONE! (Don’t worry I will be recording the best parts and re-sharing the highlights of the best guests in relation to my new focus.)

Why I decided to delete over 40 episodes and 8 months of work.

  • Audience focus shifted

  • I have shifted my services and business plan

  • It wasn’t specific enough

  • More clarity on my business goals and the true assets I need to build to get there.

  • Numbers don’t matter


Branding is a confusing topic when researching online or hiring branding and marketing professionals. Even myself took years to unravel it’s depths and powers. I know it gets exhausting from finding lots of conflicting information online because the Strategies are Shifting

Clients are rejecting traditional marketing strategies in favor of trust, authentic experiences and personable brands. But how do we create these trust building authentic and personal brands in our professional worlds? Well through the science and strategies shared in Brand Anatomy I will cover how to build your RED. Reputation, client experience and distinction. And have guest experts share their brand secrets and strategies that made them stronger than their competition.

Now you're asking yourself the same questions my clients do.

Can I rebrand?

The answer is yes, but I caution to do this strategically. Doing this too often or without some development brand development is like a business development is can last forever and be done just once if done right.

How do I know when I should rebrand?

  • Audience changes or become more focused (Niching down)

  • Have more clarity around your customer's and client's needs and desires from research and development

  • No longer feels authentic

  • Very dated or never fully created and established in the first place.

Should I create a new logo?

Listen to the episode for the answer >>>

Should I rebrand slowly or fast?

Listen to the episode for the Ebay example >>>

Should I do it quietly so no one notices?

No. I would be very open about the changes and those switch give you an excuse to reach out and connect and do some asks like surveys, referrals, shares, an event, and remind people your there for them and make sure they read your new messaging because it will resonate even more. If your new or being re-introduced be sure to listen to the podcast trailer and never hesitate to reach out and ask me questions on LinkedIn or Schedule a Discovery Call to ask me questions about your brand or rebranding.


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