Ep 29: Authenticity, Culture Programming & Acceptance with Faisal Ensaun

We can try to avoid it but the problem is that our business - esp. as a service provider, coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur – our business is inexorably intertwined with our identity, beliefs in our abilities and our purpose.

Those things are greatly influenced, and many times limited by our society culture and our instinctual need to be accepted. We are talking again today with Faisal Ensaun – my certified high-performance coach and one of my past clients.

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Today we get a bonus episode to talk about authenticity and living an Onthentic life.

Which I believe is the basis and the foundation for self-actualization and the key to your business success.

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I’m Monica Fawn. An adventurous homebody, brand coach and website designer and educator. I help coaches, speakers, authors and businesses become incomparable, on fire, on brand, on purpose, Onthentic, and sustainably profitable.