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Client Results + My Services & Pricing

At the end of this episode you’ll know what value and results you can expect from a stronger brand, what a brand consultant is and what my service offerings and pricing are.

Hear what my clients have experienced during and after creating a stronger brand.

I hesitated recording this episode topic today because a podcast is so evergreen. It’s content and intellectual property that lasts and lasts and lasts. When our businesses experience hyper growth it’s hard to create and share something evergreen. Every 6 months to a year my business shifts into greater and greater levels of service. But here’s where it’s at for 2022 and things that I don’t expect to change but only improve on in the future.

Here's what some of my past clients have experienced:

“All the things that Monica did… I don’t think I’ll be here.” - Faisal Ensaun

“I feel empowered moving forward in my business, I feel like I own a piece of art.” - Emily C.

“It’s almost indescribable to tell someone else just how much value someone like Monica is bringing to the table…” - Ryan O.

“I feel like I have doubled the value from what was created and at the end of the day it is just one of those things I'm so happy with it.” - Austin Linney

“She over delivered, I didn’t realize I was gonna learn so much through this process, but I learned a ton..” - Ariel S.

“What I really love the most was that she brought my soul out, which I didn’t even know you could do on a website. She brought things out that I didn’t even know were in me and in my company, she just made them shine so bright!” - Julie Holley

“My business income has gone up since I launched my website and I am just very excited about the future and very grateful to Monica” - Gwen

“Plus my book sales have exponentially increased, and I don’t market by traditional means” - Michelle Despres

“Monica's efforts took my website from a glorified business card to a powerful business resource, and I can’t thank her enough and I highly recommend her services” - Adam

“Being a part of what Monica has done with her branding concept and design all of the above, She is A+, phenomenal, I recommend it and this is a website that I think I would actually have for five to ten plus years…” - Gaelin Elmore


What is a Brand Consultant?

A brand consultant has a deep understanding of branding, design, marketing, advertising, copywriting, and human psychology and is hired to help clients stand apart in their field, establish their Reputation and PR (public relations, meet their business goals and build brand trust and client loyalty.

I combine strategic thinking, human and marketing psychology, empathy, intuition, creativity and research to not only create a unique and recognizable visible brand, but use demographics and psychographics to communicate in a way that leads to more connection and more commitments from your leads. How is this different than Marketing?

Branding is the foundation for all high converting marketing and for creating stronger and more creative marketing strategies. If you are in business you are in marketing. From the cold leads to the first consultation call to the client offboarding process everything is marketing.

Without a strong brand marketing is inconsistent, confusing and is at least twice the work for you and your team. Without branding you are designing on a whim, writing content without a framework, unable to write a high converting message, and have created inconsistency that confuses your leads and clients. When you confuse you lose, your clients can’t become your greatest marketers without a strong brand and memorable message.

All of this comes from your brand foundations. What you create here makes marketing more effortless to create and less costly in time and money to produce results. Listen to Episode 5 Build a brand not a business for more clarity and depth on this.


My Brand Services:

There are 3 levels of engagement and service I provide. I only book certain options based on my workflow and current lifestyle in seasons.

Option or Level 1

Consulting Retainer / Brand Coaching A retainer is a fee paid monthly or quarterly to 6 months at a time. For a retainer I serve as a trusted advisor offering guidance, advice, suggestions, and counsel when requested There may be a small limitation or no limitation to this. This keeps me as one of your team members and gives you and your team direction, strategy and assessment and training needed to continue to grow and market your brand, scaling your business at a higher rate more quickly. Many of the client projects include a range of months of retainer afterward so that you have my insight and assistance as needed to execute the branding, PR and marketing campaigns planned and mapped out in the project. Some people hire me as a consultant to review, guide and give feedback on their branding with another person or company to fill in any weak links those agencies and services are lacking. That engagement is usually 3-6 months. Brand Coaching I do a bit more rarely. This is for people who have a designer and need a more fully developed brand beyond just the visual graphics. This is for people who want to learn and create it themselves but need an expert to share that process and drill into exactly the best and most efficient way to create a stronger brand faster. These options are remote only and neither the retainer or coaching includes any design or copywriting work from myself other than ideas or suggestions discussed in calls or make in review videos.

Option or Level 2

Brand Creation & Consulting I will serve as your brand consultant, brand designer & developer for a new brand or a rebrand.

Including the visual, verbal, value, reputation and experience creation of a complete and strong brand. This is the whole pie. Everything gets researched and developed from Ep 3 Brand Anatomy 101. After these projects you not only have a stronger message and visual presence that makes you incomparable in your industry but you get a brand book that gives you the frameworks for every piece of business and marketing that comes after. This isn’t about the visuals this is the complete framework of your brand strategy, positioning, character, voice, stories, marketing messages, style, and your differentiator, unique selling point, the transformation you make, your clients demographics and psychographics and then a separate journey map with the plans and phases for building your brand and reputation step by step there after. Includes additional 3-12 months of consulting retainer like in option 01 and all work is done remotely. This is my most common project package and a custom proposal is written for you after a discovery call including everything you need specifically to build a stronger brand than your peers and competitors.

Option or Level 3

Brand Creation, Project Oversight and Consulting This is for my high level clients and offers the most support. I streamline and elevate the creation of the brand with 1-1 work and serve as your brand consultant, brand strategist, designer & developer.

I usually come on site once during these projects. I may oversee and manage photoshoots, video recordings and/or other needs. We also do a few half to ¾ days of the branding work in person. If I come out to your office a second time in person during this level of project the second is usually to come train the team and further the familiarity of the branding changes and how that translates into better client experiences and events etc.

Additional project oversight with client testimonials, experience audits and or staff education as determined on client to client basis.

Including the full brand research, development, creation, and retainer of the previous options.

Remote or Remote & In Person and retainers included in the package are a minimum of 6 months after launch.


What does this cost?

Not only do my rates increase year after year but they also depend on you and your business.

I have what is called Value Based Pricing. What value and results can you expect from a stronger brand?

During a discovery call I evaluate your specific needs and goals to create a custom plan that will enable the highest return on investment for you. I can only do that after a complete analysis and audit of your business and needs.

My fee represents my contribution to this project with a dramatic return on investment for you; measurable and unmeasurable in creating more connections, client sign ups and market opportunities. It is my goal that what we build will serve you and last 10+ years in design, brand identity, message and functionality.

It’s my goal to make you incomparable in your industry and build a STRONGER ONTHENTIC BRAND.

A Stronger Brand:

  • Builds your Reputation

  • Creates Desirable & Share Worthy Experiences

  • Distinguishes you among peers and competitors

  • Increases Memory Recall and Instant Recognition

  • Empowers your Business & Marketing decisions

  • Creates brand gravity to drastically reduce your client acquisition cost, effort and time.

  • and builds massive brand trust.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime to ask any questions and inquire about whether you’re ready for a rebrand or to fully develop your brand.


I am so glad you discovered the Brand Anatomy Podcast!

Steve Forbes the founder of Forbes magazine said “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” Are you ready to become incomparable and the master of your industry with a stronger brand?

Schedule a discovery call with me at

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