23: Calling Your Shots & Law of Attraction

What are the chances? My desire happened within the month I wanted and within ½ a percent. Without a specific goal and forecasting, your business and personal life is left to chance.

You can truly create your own coincidences and it’s magical but there’s nothing magic about it.

I’ll share a very specific measurable example today and finally share my experience and approach with the law of attraction in my personal and business life. Feel things happening for you with more ease and feel less fear and doubt in the unknown.

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Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“... I want to share my take on what the law of attraction is for me and how I've used it. But let's just talk about the law of attraction generally.

The law of attraction is described as the fact that the law, the physical law and spiritual law, that your thoughts have the power to manifest or make real those things in your life.

Positive thoughts are going to bring positive results and negative thoughts are going to bring negative results.

One example, I was reading a Tony Robbins book. I think it's awaken the giant within. He talks about this in a way that doesn't talk about the law of attraction, but I really love this example because I think it would really be fun to do this someday again, kind of scary, but he was learning how to be a race car driver and he's driving this insanely fast, very expensive piece of equipment on this track.

And racetracks are usually, tilted at an angle so that the inner corner is lower and the higher corner is actually higher. It's not flat. And that's because of the G-forces of the speed of your going around these corners. When it's at an angle, it helps capture and put that energy back down into the ground so they can stay in the corner at a higher, faster speed.

So he's learning how to drive this vehicle. And he's in there with an instructor and the instructor says, if you ever feel like you're going too fast on a corner, or you feel like you're starting to spin out or get drawn towards the wall, losing control. He says, never ever look at the wall because then you will hit the wall. If you're starting to lose control and starting to spin out, look where you want the car to go and it will follow. But if you look at the wall, you will hit the wall every single time.

So this is again, tied into what I want to talk about today...

Calling your shot, setting your sights on where it is you want to go is going to help you get there.

Now, if you want to talk about the spirituality, your relationship with God, the universe manifestation, all of those things, but physically why this works in the race car scenario is our brain.

And our reaction time is going to respond to where it is that we're looking same with like riding horses. We communicate in such finite in our physical body, our lean, our weight, where it's all distributed happens. Naturally. When we're looking in the direction we want the horse to go. If the horse is bolting and we're looking at the fence, our physical body language is going to start telling the horse to run towards the fence. But when we are leaning and looking, there's a Twitch in our legs, there's, there's some sort of energy that is communicated through our body and what the horse to where we want to go as well.

This ties into the laws of attraction and calling your shot, keep your eyesight where it is you want to go and your focus, your thoughts because whatever consumes your thoughts is what you're going to eventually get in life.

Listen to the full episode and share with your entrepreneurial network and anyone you know is dreaming big! We all need a champion and some evidence that we can design a life we love and live a life true to ourselves and not the life others expect of us.

I’m Monica Fawn. An adventurous homebody, brand coach and website designer and educator. I help coaches, speakers, authors and businesses become incomparable, on fire, on brand, on purpose, Onthentic, and sustainably profitable.