17: Unconventional or Conventional for Inevitable Brand Success?

What is more valuable Conventional thinking or Unconventional thinking?

This episode covers:

  • The value of unconventional thinking

  • The value of conventional thinking

  • How either can lead to disaster

  • The New-Old Way of thinking

  • Marketing Failure and Success & more!

I am with Oscar Wilde on a lot of things but when he says: “Everything popular is always wrong.” I have to disagree.

I believe that everything consumed without intentional thinking is wrong. Even if it’s “right.” Listen to the full episode and share with a friend!

Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“Inventional thinking and unconventional thinking to create inevitable brand success, because right now, with science and all of our fast advances in technology, we're learning more remarkable ways to do things online.

We're bombarded with new strategies and trainings and marketing and branding, both considered conventional like teachings and marketing and sales strategies and unconventional.

So what is the best way to think, which leads to success faster?

And so we might think first conventional thinking is the proven methods and the foundations of success, right? So maybe conventional thinking leads to success like first or maybe faster yet unconventional thinking is the challenge of conventional thinking, right? It's new, it's innovative and it sets us apart.”

“...So now, whoo. We're a big fan of conventional thinking, right? Like the conventional is the only way we can get to this certain other level of unconventional. Like that's where we got to start with, right?

But here is the underlying problem. When we're going to learn something new. When we're trying to make a decision of who to learn from? Which book do you buy? What strategy to follow? How to build your website?

We might lean towards conventional or unconventional because we're putting more value in one or the other. And overvaluing either can lead to disaster and making decisions for our business and relationships, our homes, and our personal development.

We're struggling with this decision. What is the one thing I'm missing? What should I do next? What should I buy next? What should I learn next? Should I try next?

And with this amazing thing called the internet, there's dozens or hundreds of ways to learn and be bombarded with other people's thoughts and opinions. And then we get confused and really maybe subconsciously in this never ending haunt of some magic pill.”

“Now let's hone in a little bit more on this like marketing aspect of this, the marketing failure and success. Okay. Because this is the one that I got hung up on most. And I think this is the one that my clients struggle with the most.

So how about you give me any specific marketing strategy that you think is best, right? And then we can go find 100, 1000 or 1 million successful people that are doing it that way... So that must mean it's a good way.

All right. So give me a different, a completely different strategy. And then I now can again go out and find masses, hundreds or thousands or millions of people who are successful with that one. And that idea that marketing started, you might be the complete opposite of the one before.

A strategy is not good or bad, a single strategy, any strategy works or doesn't work, right? Until you look deeply at the person or team who was trying to use it.”

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