16: How to answer “What do you do?” An Authentic Sales Pitch You Love

Do you bore people or make sales when you answer that most popular question: “What do you do?”

This is part 2 and insider peek at my most recent training! Watch the video and see the slides!

Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“Do you bore people? Is this like a long autobiography? Do you say it's complicated and you're not even sure how to answer that question?

Well, I had done that for a long time, and even now I find myself when I am not remembering all of the work that I had done on my copywriting, practicing speaking. This just makes it second nature now, but I was finding myself just like, oh, it's complicated. So I kind of do this. I kind of knew some of that.

...it does not need to be complicated.

And as soon as we start telling our childhood story, our family's history, our autobiography, the origins of the start of our business and how difficult it was to get going. All of these things come up.

And if you've listened to the episode before this one episode 15, you'll understand why, because we do the basic framework of marketing backwards. Sometimes it's just how we see it as the natural chronological order.”

“One of the biggest problems I find with my clients, not being able to say who their character is, is because we're being taught to focus on demographics. I still struggle with that thing and I kind of hate it.

I was taught this as a graphic designer and I tried to use it so many times in my business. I was trying to force my clients, or I threw it out the window. I took the few questions I needed from it, and I scrapped it.

And this is why, because we're trying to force a demographic onto our character.

But as a coach or as me as a designer, as a real estate investor, we might think, oh, we have a six year old African-American male who lives up in New York. That is our ideal client. This is who we're talking to. But as a coach, as an investor, as a designer, your service offerings might be exactly what the 20 year old Caucasian female college student needs as well.”

“First, we need a list of everything that we could possibly address. And then for you guys, I would recommend checking off some of the ones that are most commonly mentioned by your clients or your customers.

And then again, looking at that framework of the three needs that people are trying to meet, and that could be health, wealth, and love and connection.

So sometimes just picking one of each realm is good, but yeah, I'll get into this a little bit more faisal in the step number four is with my retirees example.

I have a lot that I feel like I could share, but we want to find again, this base need or something, that's going to speak a little bit to everyone, which is almost impossible to do

... but when we get the framework of those three, wealth, health and love, then we're going to hit someone somewhere.

We're going to cover it. But if we're, if our coaching is only about business and growing your income, then we're only going to talk about well, but your coaching is like, oh, wellbeing of all human connection.”

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