15: Best Marketing & Copywriting Frameworks 101

Insider peek at my most recent training!

I was invited to speak and teach to the Coach Mastery Community last week and you get to access to the best parts! Today I share the most profound foundations frameworks for speaking about, writing about and selling your services in an authentic yet engaging way! Watch full episode and stay tuned for part 2 next week! Where you will create your core message and sell or book your pants off!

Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“Pretty and professional websites and brands fail every single day. But why? and why is because pretty websites become boring.

We just see the same level of, you know, beautiful design, but without, you know, something that stands out, it gets boring and we can't remember it.

We have 10 open tabs because we're shopping for a certain product. They all start looking the same eventually. Right?

And then overly professional sites. This word is the one that I think 95% of people use when they come to me. I want a professional website. I need a professional brand, but when we're so focused on becoming professional, we don't emotionally connect anymore.

We're no longer personal.

And I find people saying things like, oh, our customer service department won't get to you. And this girl is the customer service department and she's the coach. You know, like, don't pretend you have a customer service department. It's even more valuable that you're the one answering my questions. Don't hide that. So what it comes down to really to break this problem is our message.”

“...Pattern is mountain valley mountain. So when we start off with the mountain, we're starting with the high.

If you've watched a Ted talk or anyone with a speaker, they're being introduced as like all of these successes as seen on Oprah, helping millions of people, etcetera, etcetera. Like this helps the people with their reticular activation system.

They're looking for a solution to their problem. And if we just first start off with like, oh yeah, we have this problem too, we still have this problem. You're not my solution anymore.

So let's start off with the high let's use, physical fitness for an example. So we might be saying, I am in the best physical shape of my life. I've lost 60 pounds. This is my high, this is where I'm at right now. This builds interest. This builds your credibility and you're answering their question.

They're looking for someone to help them take them to the next level.”

“So thinking again, in a pattern, let's say you're showing up in a Facebook group on a social media post. What is an easy pattern to remember for your offer or to talk about what it is that you're doing? A lot of people do this backwards.

We talk about the offer, then we have the backstory behind it. And then we have this really intriguing thing

...That's the hook.

But if we flip it, we start off with the hook. We want to catch their attention, speak directly to them in their problem. And you'll notice this a lot.

Sometimes it gets overdone and we can add a surprise, a secret or contrary belief, but it's gotta be authentic and related.

This is where I think people get disgusted by marketing and sales messages. They take it to the extreme to try to compete in the chaos. They're out there screaming it and trying to get your attention. So then you do the story. You can tell a story or a lesson within the story. This is again, kind of like that valley and the mountain valley mountain, educate, entertain, and engage them.”

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