14: Quantity vs. Quality | The Entrepreneurs Inner Battle

When you must make a choice, which do you choose? In your products, clients, content, social media posts, podcast episodes, recipes, paintings, songs, stories and books… As an entrepreneur which is better? Quantity or Quality?

This episode covers:

  • When Quantity is Best

  • When Quality is Best

  • How to know which choice to make

  • Why this battle can diminish your authenticity

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Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“Which is better? quantity or quality. And when I say, which is better, I guess that's a trick question.

If you've listened to episode three death by comparison, we know that there is no better, right? Like something can't be better.

This is a matter of opinion. And that's essentially the core message and best quantity versus quality.

You're going to see people who are massively successful with creating very little content, but it's freaking fantastic. And you're going to see people who are going on the fly. It's not super curated or edited, not totally thought out.

There's pauses they are thinking like, that's fine. That's great. They're being human, but they're able to put out more quantity when we go on mine and we start doing this comparison mode, we're going to find evidence that it works in so many different ways.”

“So whether it is really awesome text below really curated photos, something well thought out, like quality matters to the point that someone even needs to care enough to follow or read or click on it or share it. Right?

But then quantity, how often? So if you have super high quality stuff, that's amazing, super entertaining. Like you're making music videos or something then yeah. It's worth the while waiting for that quality.

But if we have one post a month, someone's going to forget about assume you're like, who is this person? I don't remember who this was or why I followed them.

So they might unfollow.

So we have to hit a certain level of quantity. So this is a balanced quality has to be there to a certain level of extent as well. When you make poop, it doesn't matter how much poop you make and you try to sling out. You're just going to feel like poop.”

“Outside perspective really helps in the collaborative creation process. What do other people see?

Sometimes we are so close to these projects that we can't see what others see, especially people who are not in that industry.

Does this make sense to them? Do they get it? Like these are really important things to get feedback on, right? Or does this look like you?

You can ask people, who've known you your whole life and be like, which of these logos look more like me or which of these sites feel more like me? Sometimes that's an important thing to consider.

So when they go out, sometimes they're like, I love concept "A", I think that's the one, but I'm going to go get some opinions. And I say, yeah, that's great. I encourage it. Then they come back and they're like, well, it was like 50-50 between, well, like 50% said "B" and 45% said "A" and 5% said "C" and like, they start just getting crazy. And now they're undecided.”

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