13: Authenticity Freedom | The struggle of our culture

We live in a delusion that we are not free until we are successful. We aren’t just free when we can do what we want. We become free when we can be who we are.

I don’t believe my job as a brand coach and brand and website designer is to train people or help people bend themselves to a shape where they can succeed within these limiting parameters and these false rules. I think a key ingredient to success is not in being like that famous entrepreneur, or even in being better, it’s in being different. You were born different, you think different. It’s your advantage - USE IT.

But how do we know what defines us as different?

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Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“Do we really become so consciously aware of how free we rarely are?

As soon as we start doing that, we naturally have these amazing feelings of gratitude and we understand how far we've come. And really just, everything just becomes so much more colorful.

We can see and appreciate even the most simple things in life.

And I know that we should feel that way all the way we don't and it's our brain, how it's wired and it's okay.

We can be intentional about feeling these things more and more, but let's for a moment, try to take ourselves from knowing that we're free to truly understanding this. And when we wake up where we start feeling like this sucks, I don't want to do this. And I, I can't wait for my freedom in the future.

Let's for a minute, stop freaking obsessing about waiting to live life, then waiting into the future.”

“...Now maybe one of these ideas, and this is just a theory, is what if our past history of humanity and its oppression has kind of become like the survival instinct for us.

Is there something with our psychology, our biochemistry that has naturally been ingrained and passed down to us?

Because of this past history of humanity, we are more free now than we have been as a culture. And as an individual than we have in the past 500 years of this us building civilizations and creating communities,

we are more free now.

And one thing that the guys mentioned on their podcast and the brain dump podcast that hit me so, so much to home is also this tie to our freedom and abundance. We live better than Kings and Queens had even a couple hundred years ago with our abundance, our technology, our variety in our foods and our ability to hit medicines. And our average life has so much abundance in it that it matches and exceeds that of Kings and Queens then.”

“I saw this quote on a magnet recently, and it really honed in and just was able to put this into words, in two sentences.

And I truly believe this, that we aren't just free when we can do what we want, we become free when we can be who we are.

And that ties in so much to kind of this authenticity piece of my life. And again, I'm going to bring up the regrets of the dining dying by Brawny, where the number one regret of the dying and Brawny knows this because she worked in palliative care. She was taking care of patients in their last three to 12 weeks of life. For years, she started journaling what these people were saying and telling her, and she said, a human can grow a lot when they're faced with their own mortality.

It can look back on their life and, and they were vocalizing to her what they had wished they had done differently in their life.

The number one regret of the dying was I wished I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself and not the life others expected of me.”

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