12: Find your Authenticity & Courage

Be on Fire. Be Onthentic. Why is it so hard to be authentic? How do we find or create the courage to be Onthentic more often? I have a couple of tricks to share with you. Press Play!

This episode covers:

  • Find out what my tattoo means

  • Be Authentic more often and less on Autopilot

  • Learn how 10 seconds of courage will change your life. And is my key to living a more authentic life.

  • The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins is your cure to Motivation

We’re raised in a world where we believe we have to conform to survive and compete to succeed. That shuts off our authenticity. To live a life true to ourselves and not what others expect of us is to be authentic. To do that more often we need courage. But how do we really get courageous?

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Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“...Yet, it still never goes away, especially if you don't practice it often. So that's what onthentic is getting off autopilot and or hiding or reacting or avoiding situations, not showing up as yourself because of fear of judgment or not being accepted.

And it's because we've been raised in a world where we believe we have to conform to survive and compete to succeed. And that just shuts off our authenticity.

So to live a life true to ourselves and not what others expect of us is to be authentic, to do that more often, we need courage, but...

how do we really get courageous? How was I able to find the courage to do all those hard things?

And the time that I was getting my tattoo and since that there's been, there's been hundreds that I could list, but sometimes when we try to find courage, we might go to substances, maybe like alcohol, or maybe like me just rehearsing lines in our head hundred thousand times, or just texting or emailing instead of talking to someone in person.”

“Once those 10 seconds are passed, you're like in it, it's like jumping off a waterfall or going down the super scary body slide.

It only takes that 10 seconds of courage to stand up to it, climb in it or walk to the edge and then jump off and then you're falling...

Everything's in motion. And your mind is so preoccupied with keeping things in motion and just responding to all the things that are going on, that it takes this pressure off. I swear the scariest part is the before and the leading up to the jump. Not once you jump.

So all you need is only 10 seconds of courage to walk over, to press record or dial and say, hello. That's all you need. And once you're there, your body just takes over. Even if you're not perfect, you're there and you're doing it...

And you just get over it.
You get through it.”

“When you know you need to do something or you want to do something, but you start talking yourself out of it, countdown from five, the countdown replaces our mind and our fear, just running around screaming, pushing all the buttons, like stop, stop, stop. Don't do this. Isn't safe. This is scary.

When we start counting down, like silence that we keep our brain focused on something else, and then we move, we take action.

So picture the rocket launch. And to know that when you hit one, that you're going to move, just start moving. Don't even think about it. Countdown to five.

And that is so similar to my experience with the texts, that 10 seconds of courage, because I wasn't doing the countdown, but I just knew like, okay, 10 seconds of courage starts now. And I was kind of like my own, my own countdown and my own. Like, I know I'm only going to have discomfort for 10 seconds and I'm not going to be sorry...

...this is something I need to do. This is something I want to do.

But the counting removing that self chatter is a whole other amazing aspect to do as well."

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