10: The Power of Your Website’s Potential

In this episode I share:

  • The primary goal of your website

  • What’s missing from most websites

  • My newer approach that has landed me clients consistently for 9 months straight

  • The top 3 things you need create a website that makes you incomparable to the competition

I haven’t talked about websites yet. Odd! I live and breath websites. That’s what I do or the core of what I do day in and day out. About 7 days a week

After creating I estimate over 200 website pages – my understanding has shifted entirely.

When I started I was taught that websites were a tool. Even your most valuable and important business a tool or asset in this digital era.

That is true... but your website is something more.

We create sites to:

  • Show our portfolio

  • Host photo galleries

  • Create a blog or vlog

  • Market

  • Sell our services or product

  • Collect emails and build an email list

  • To stand apart from the competition

  • To get our followers off social media and on to our own platform

  • To build a resume or credibility

  • To share what we do and about us

  • List our prices and take orders

  • Provide evidence and establish our professionalism or our business.

When I see websites there are 2 types I classify them as:


Pages of information and photos of the service or offering. Helpful Yes. Helps grow their business – sure, yes.

OR AN EXPERIENCE Think of going to the theater, a cirque du soleil show or sitting in a hammock looking through your favorite magazine or watching a movie trailer. Have you been on a website that was just so intriguing, stimulating and had copy you wanted to actually read. A website that makes you lose yourself for a moment change your state, to feel or think differently afterward even for a few moments? To be lost in another world or in thought?

Your website has the potential the power to do that for each visitor that the right fit, for each ideal customer or client that lands there.

That’s my new goal, the new way I approach every one of my clients’ projects. From Dentists to real estate investors, to executive and performance coaches, to speakers and authors and of course product websites.

Every site has that potential. No matter what you do.

Which site is more memorable? The brochure or the Experience? Even if they aren’t ready or interested now you bet their going to remember you and you might come up in the conversation with their friend a few weeks down the road.

How do we be memorable and create and experience?

Gooooood question.

Here are the top 3 things I focus on right away and work into Experiential websites:


In banners or as intro videos, or as moving photos. As we know video can be more engaging than static photos. Or video is one of the best ways to keep someone on your website pages longer and video can include music and audio that like a movie trailer creates a memory, excitement, and can make communicating more passive for your visitor which is ideal. The less work, the easier we make it for them to absorb the information the more likely they really will. Give them options of video and engaging website copy – your text -so that no matter their environment they can still experience.

The longer they are on your website the better that is for letting Google know your site rocks and boost your ranking in search results, and the more time someone commits to being on your site the more they can get out of it and more likely they are to subscribe to your list, to come back and to sign up.

#2: A Photoshoot

You hear me say this often! A photoshoot doesn’t have to take the place of all stock photography. However to bring someone into your world, to show what you do, how you do it and talk about why you do it – we need to see the team, the business, the service provider, the artist in order to trust, feel more comfortable and more connected. Increases their memory of the experience. Seeing dozens of stock photo faces will be lost in memory. Seeing you or your teams faces even 3-4 times. They will remember you more.

Increases, trust, likeability and creates a fond memory but also builds in the experience. People are adverse to putting up to many photos of themselves or not wanting to include personal or lifestyle photos. You are a living example of an experience they can have with your product or service. They see you, but they also see themselves experiencing what you are doing or experiencing. Mirror neurons. Example one of my fav clients Julie Holly runs a podcast (ASK ME HOW I KNOW) and multifamily real estate investing company (THREE KEYS INVESTMENTS). On her site we used a lifestyle and family photo shoot. Because why she got into real estate and why her partners and investors join her is because they all want the same time. Time and financial freedom. Why not show her living the life she created through her investments on her website with her not just stock photos of strangers posing and acting? Want to see an amazing example of this? See it in action! Visit www. JULIEHOLLY.COM It’s not egotistical it’s story telling. Which leads me to the next key ingredient for a incomparable website and experiential website. #3: Write and speak in Story Write in a story telling format for your website copy. We’re taught and coached to talk about ourselves, What we do, and how we do it to communicate why people should buy, sign up or subscribe. But your website, not even your about page is really about you. Human psychology has a running question we ask ourselves consistently. Like a broken record. What’s in it of me. Is this going to help me? Is this what I want? What I need? WIIFM? WIIFM? Tell them. What’s in it for them! What this means for them. That you understand where they’re coming from, going through and what they can do about it, what life will be life after, What will change for them! How you help them, why you can help them or why you are the one to do it. EXAMPLE A: You’re at a party and you ask someone “ What do you do?” They say: My grampa cooked us such good meals when I was a kid. He sold cheeses and had this shop…. Ok tuned out. Lost them. Boring… EXAMPLE B: They say “I go to peoples houses and prepare meals for them. I love it because I love creating recipes and have always loved food growing up…” Ok that’s nice. At least you answered the question moving on. EXAMPLE C: Now they say - “You know how people are so busy with work and the kids activities and their so tired at the end of the day that they can’t cook and sit down to a healthy meal and enjoy it as a family? I’m an at home chef.” Even if you didn’t think you wanted or needed this, your intrigued, you get it and are asking yourself.. Could that be me? Would that help me? Do I want that? Some people are so good that you want what their offering even if you don’t have a dog or a kid or that type of business but you want their offering! Your exited about it and even though you have no need for it you might think of someone else who does and share it with that friend or family member.

That’s marketing 101. That no matter what you do to market – it’s now working better than ever before.

How do you do this? What do you write for your website and your marketing material? This is actually one of the most important and most time consuming parts of every website project with my clients. If you want to learn the simple framework to follow it’s called a Story Brand and was developed by Donald Miller. I cover how I use this and teach this to my clients in one of the 1st steps in my client process which I have recorded and you can access for free. Get started now here!

Or watch and listen to an insider peek at my most recent training in EP 15 – Best Marketing & Copywriting Frameworks 101 EP 16: How to answer “What do you do?” | Authentic Sales Pitch You Love

I’m Monica Fawn. An adventurous homebody, speaker, brand consultant and website designer. I've helped over 75 coaches, speakers, authors and businesses become incomparable, on fire, on brand, on purpose & onthentic, and sustainably profitable.