09: Start With What You’ve got (& Avoid the #1 Regret of the Dying)

When starting a new venture, business, hobby, craft or career… we want to wait until we’re ready. Until it’s the perfect setting, timing, situation or when we have enough time or money.

In this episode I share:

  • How more than one path can get you to the same place.

  • That eliminating the hardship can keep you from your dreams

  • The #1 regret of the Dying and how to avoid it

  • That shouldn't have to be perfect to begin now.

I hope this episode takes some pressure off. If you feel like you need things to be a certain way, if you feel fear about starting a new venture, or are trying to connect to your purpose, hang out with me here on the podcast and at onthentic.com. Take the first 3 steps of my client's personal branding process for free to find ultimate clarity moving forward and bring your authentic self to the surface.

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Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“...He doesn't go back out to steal the rest, the other $90,000 that he needs. He doesn't go to school to become a lawyer, to make enough money, to then quit and then start his dream. He starts it as soon as he can, even though it's going to take longer.

So if you can imagine there's like two paths in front of him or, or there's two paths in front of you, your goal is to have a thriving vineyard or (insert your dream here.) Your goal is to have whatever it is that you want to have. One path is to do what you want to do, but you have to start small and you have to do it the hard grueling way where you struggle. You have to save up to invest in a new piece of equipment. And then again and again, and it's gonna take you longer, or you can do something else entirely that you don't love, but you can do it successfully. And so that eventually you can quit that and then do your dream.

If in 10 years you end up in the exact same place, which path would you choose?”

“What I was doing was I was living the same life or the same year over and over again. And it was almost the exact same year replayed for seven years. I ran into a quote that said:

"Don't relive the same year for 75 years and call it a life."

And that so struck me because one year was so similar to the next that I could only remember a different year by maybe a camping trip that was taken or the year I got my cat. Like that was the only difference to these years in my life. When I was able to quit that office job and do full-time graphic design website design, instead of that. I had a little party with my family and I called it my retirement party because I felt like I was now giving myself permission to live the life, to do the things that I might have waited until retirement to do.

“If we are trusting in source and the universe and God, if we're doing our best work, that we can take multiple paths, whatever we decide and that we can and likely will end up in the exact same place.

So starting small is starting, even if it's in writing or speaking, designing dresses or decorating wedding cakes, it doesn't matter. But if that doesn't sound exciting to you going through the work and struggle, if that doesn't sound exciting for what you're willing to do or want to do at the end, then ask yourself: "Why do I really even want to do that thing?"

If it's just for the money or the easy success or the fame then is it worth it? Is THAT what you really wan tor is that a mean to an end? Like how a lot of people look at real estate investing, not as their end goal, but as a means to another end.”

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