08: Would you still do it? A Story to Question…

Living and creating on Purpose. Today we are going to explore – If you would still do it. Are you saying no to your inspiration or purpose?

This episode covers:

  • A lesson in story form. The story of you and your new pal Inspiration.

  • Fear of the unknown

  • If you knew (_fill in the blank_), would you still do it?

Are you working on a dream that would devastate you if you don’t make it?Are you living as a shadow of what you really are? Are you called to create something but keep letting it go to voicemail? Have you already been hurt and disappointed before? Is that keeping you from your success and passions now?

Listen to this story and see the hidden lessons in your life experiences. Think of your current dream. At the end of this story, when I ask “would you still do it?” Is your answer going to be a YES! or a NO.

As a brand and website designer I see so many clients taking the leap into the unknown and creating and rebuilding from the remnants of past ideas. It’s not a journey that has to be taken alone. Sometimes our greatest talents, gifts and insights are in our own blind spots. That’s one of the things my clients love the most about creating their branding, messaging and websites with me, but you can do this work on your own as well with these tools.

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Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“The questions are essentially, would you still do it? Or why are you saying no to your inspiration or your purpose right now?

Do you feel called to create something either that you're already creating, but you're not going all in or something that you're just too afraid to touch or even vocalize. So this episode is going to cover a really fun way to go through this and a story method and the stories of you and your new pal inspiration.

We're going to talk a little bit about the fear of unknown, and we're going to ask some questions at the end, just to hypothetically think about.”

“You meet inspiration every day at the edge of the cliff and you start building, you're going to fly. You're so excited. You're going to glide over the water and you're going to travel to those destination islands. You're going to make new discoveries, and you're going to be able to tell other people about these, take photographs and share it with others.

So you've been building, and the day has come to launch your creation.

You and inspiration, walk around it. You're really nervous, but you're excited. You're imagining all the greatness in your new life. With this creation, you check the wings and you and inspiration. Get in you Polish off the gauges and it's ready. So you back it up and you get a good running start and you guys leap, you fly, you jump over the cliff with this creation and it feels like you're flying. You're high on adrenaline, your endorphins you're catching air, and you're heading away from the cliff.

Then slowly the nose starts turning down.
Your falling, your failing! What happens next?”

“What would you do if I told you your success was inevitable?

Would you do it if you knew it was going to be hard, if you knew it was going to take twice, as long as you originally thought, would you still do it?

If it took 10 years or if you had to change directions halfway through or make a different vehicle to get you there a different business, a different venture, different marketing strategy, would you do it?

If it knew it would make you cry, if you would have to leave your home state or would you do it? If you knew it would change you into a different, or maybe even a stronger, better version of yourself, would you still do it if you knew it was going to fail?

Or would you do it If you knew that you would decide to do something else later, something that is really aligned with your purpose and your Dharma, but you would only know what that one thing was after you try this other thing with all your heart first?”

Listen to this fun story about you and your crazy new friend Inspiration. It will help you hear inspiration calling you more clearly, will help you decide if you want to leap, and the navigate the journey so that you can have success. Because success comes when you try, and try again and see the path for what it really is.

I’m Monica Fawn. An adventurous homebody, speaker, brand consultant and website designer. I've helped over 75 coaches, speakers, authors and businesses become incomparable, on fire, on brand, on purpose & onthentic, and sustainably profitable.