07: Does Age Perception Determine your Success?

Your age challenges your authenticity when the perception of your age effects your success in your business or career.

Let’s talk about:

  • Why our age challenges our authenticity make us vulnerable to judgement

  • The pros and cons of being older in your field

  • The pros and cons of being young in your field

  • One way to authentically counter the negative perception of being to old or young

  • The ages of the founders who started our favorite Multimillion dollar companies

  • What is the real driving factor in your success and how to develop that

Asking someone their age is almost like asking someone how much money they make. It might not be so offending but it’s another number that people judge us on. Are we ahead or behind in appearance, or business or career. All that stems from a number. Our age or years in business.

How did Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Oprah, Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins and Sara Blakey get so successful? Was it their age that gave them head start?

Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“ Asking someone, their age is almost like asking someone how much money they make. Right. It's a number, it's a number that we judge people on. Sometimes now we're way more comfortable with asking someone how old they are, than how much money they make. But, when we do so it really gives us a bar, right? A bar that someone's either over or under, it could be in there, looks like, do they look younger or older for their age? Are they successful for their age?

Once we put that number out there, it's kind of like a big tape measure. Here is a key factor to judge my success and development on...

Right? And if they're younger, maybe we forgive them for not being as far along. Maybe it's a good thing. Or for older, maybe we're being judged for not being further along than where we are. And I feel like I'm stuck in between two worlds right now. I'm not really young, but I'm not really old.”

“If we are young or starting out we don't have to have crazy amounts of numbers and credibility and degrees and certifications. What you do need: is to get three of the four of the best testimonial videos or best testimonials from some of your favorite clients or customers, and to create a profile portfolio. Honestly, we know that degrees don't prove someone's ability to do something.

Creating that portfolio, what you do, examples, is what it might take to take it to the next level. Just focus on that. Don't focus on, you know, not having this experience, focus on what it is that you can do and highlight that so much. So, especially if you're first getting started out in business or new industry, no matter your age, getting testimonials is huge. It's going to be a huge factor for building that. And you need a portfolio of your work no matter what type of work it is.”

“It's not experience. And it's not necessarily this young new trend sending a genius factor either.

So if age isn't really the factor. If it's somewhere in the middle, average entrepreneur, the average starting age of multi-million dollar companies that we know and love right now, if age isn't the factor, then what is the factor?

And it might not be this in the beginning, but it's 1000% this, if you're going to create a successful business or career path and what I tell everyone and what I truly believe in and witness, what it takes, what it really takes to replace your income and start or build a business, to sell art, to speak, to write a book, pursue your passions or purpose. How Elon Musk, Steve jobs, Oprah Marie folio, Tony Robbins and Sara Blakely did it like all of their origin stories. It's not their age.... Listen to the full episode here or on your favorite podcast platform to find out! Now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast and Amazon Music.

Override the negative perceptions of your age.

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