03: Death by Comparison

Be Onthentic. We’ve been raised by a world that requires us to conform to survive and compete to succeed.

As an entrepreneur we are further brainwashed to live fearfully in comparison mode and lose more of our sense of self for the promise of an unreachable reward. We can’t be better because there is no better.

Today I’m sharing:

  • Why I am afraid to share my success and my struggles

  • How comparison derailed my life for over a decade

  • Why comparison creates 90% my fear in my business

  • How to be become incomparable

  • What’s the GAP?

Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

“There's better. There's worse. There's more, there's less, there's bigger, someone's smaller, or their businesses are smaller, lighter or darker, shallow, or deep, smoother, or rougher, harder or softer. But no matter what we are using as a gauge to compare what it is that we've done or what we're doing ourselves to others. But no matter what we use as the gauge, we are creating a gap. And in this gap, we start losing our authenticity.”

“What if I told you there is no such thing as better, there's really not because what's better to one person is not better to the next person, as someone who is short, maybe it's better that these shoes have heels, but to the girl who is as tall as her husband or her boyfriend, it's better that these shoes are completely flat and have no heel, right There is no such thing as better because better is an illusion. It's a concept born of opinion based off of someone's needs. So while you are comparing your service and your product to someone else, and you think that that person is better, it's probably not better for one of your clients or your potential audience. You are going to be better to someone because you are actually different because you are different in this way. You are the better choice for someone else.”

“I started trying something else and to be brave and courageous like that, it took so much work. It took a lot of work and I honestly went through another bad relationship after that. I learned a little bit of my lesson, but apparently there was a bit more of my lesson to learn. And gosh, it felt like a whomping. Because of that pain, I've learned a lot more and I'm still learning a lot more. So showing up here today, this is a practice. This is a big leap for me. And now I can recognize more and more how comparison pretty much creates 90% of my here in my business, almost anything I've created. Especially when I started out, I would look at other people's designs and projects and their businesses on their websites, their logos, their photos, everything. And I was just in such bad comparison mode. My clients come to me with this. I think they don't, they might not articulate it always this way, but it's comparison mode.”

Become incomparable and stop playing the comparison game.

I help entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and creators like you to become immune to distractions, tap into your greatness and break free from the broken system that guarantees struggle.

I go deeper into how to avoid the “it needs to be better” pitfall in the one of the first 3 client steps of my client process that you can access for free at https://onthentic.com/

I’m Monica Fawn. An adventurous homebody, speaker, brand consultant and website designer. I've helped over 75 coaches, speakers, authors and businesses become incomparable, on fire, on brand, on purpose & onthentic, and sustainably profitable.