02: Onthentic vs. Authentic

Why is being Onthentic better then Authentic? Find out here! The Onthentic Podcast name was a happy accident (a synchronicity in disguise).

If you feel limited or the need to be a perfectionist creeping up remember perfection can never replace authenticity. To be Onthentic you just need to embrace and express more facets of yourself. This new definition gives me greater clarity and courage around my authenticity.

Today I’m sharing:

  • Why I spelled authentic wrong

  • What’s the difference between Onthentic vs Authentic

  • What authenticity is and is not

  • Why we use perfection to replace authenticity

  • A fun exercise to do to explore your Onthentic self like an Alien

Some of our favorite parts of this episode:

"Once I got clarity around this new definition for me, it gave me so much more courage around my authenticity. What I see Onthentic being is like another extension of these phrases, which actually surround the podcast content and surround what I do in my work. That's being on brand, being on purpose, being, or feeling on fire. And when we say on, and then have another word, this gives us a very important distinction. And this distinction for me is when we say we're on something, that means we can be off, right? Like when we feel off our purpose or when we're not on fire, we know what that feels like."

"It pushed me out of my comfort zone. And I had to go through that fear of judgment. All of those fears in the same way were afraid of showing our more diverse selves outside of our titles. Can we both be this like corporate boss and also like a hardcore rock star or for me I've grown up like a mountain girl. Can I be a glamorous mountain girl or mountain woman? There's a million other combinations, minimalists, gym rat, motor head, vegan. You can be country and city. Anything in any combination. Why do we feel like when we have to be one way, we can only be that one way?"

'What was a personal mantra for me for so many years now is that perfection can never replace authenticity. That's actually turned into a business motto and I bring that into my work with my clients, with their branding and their websites and writing their business and marketing materials. But what I noticed for myself is that when this perfection does start replacing my authenticity, it's because I'm triggered by something and it's usually fear based. I'm feeling a need for security [inaudible] I am having some sort of feel of failure or I'm afraid of judgment. Overall, when I'm doing that, I just want less risk risk of maybe not a confrontation with someone at work or something along those lines. So when we're noticing that perfection, it's almost always replacing something within our authenticity."

Becoming Onthentic

If you feel nervous, are acting a certain way to avoid judgement and decrease your risk of failure; or if you want to better connect to your purpose, want to be on fire in your work and sales, and struggling with being on brand, hang out go to onthentic.com to take the first 3 steps of my client process for free to avoid the 2 most common traps I and many of my clients have fallen into when starting their own business or venture. This applies to just about anything in life. Parenthood, new career or hobbies, investing and arts as well!

I’m Monica Fawn. An adventurous homebody, speaker, brand consultant and website designer. I've helped over 75 coaches, speakers, authors and businesses become incomparable, on fire, on brand, on purpose & onthentic, and sustainably profitable.