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"Some rules can be bent, others can be broken."
- Morpheus | The Matrix

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Monica made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning, leading me through the process. Monica helped to create an excellent brand for my company, software product, and website.

Monica streamlined the branding process for my company, making it a much quicker process than I had ever anticipated.


She delivered high-quality products and played a significant role in brainstorming. She is exactly what I was looking for!

- Andre D. | Chief Technology Officer | Razix Solutions


"Monica built a beautiful website for our grand opening festival. She perfectly captured our company values and the atmosphere of the event.

What we loved most was that Monica brought both creativity and technical skill to the project.


She was able to quickly solve problems and communicate the solutions with clarity. The process was as good as the product."

- Steve H. | Vintage Trailer Supply

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Three Keys Investments
Ask Me How I Know Podcast

When dealing with large investments, having a professional site is not optional. Before I didn't want to send anyone to my website. It embarrassed me and was hard to work on so I felt helpless. Now I send EVERYONE to my site! It feels like inviting people to my home because it combines so many elements of me.

Monica was in the driver's seat and it was clear she knew the path she was taking me down. The enneagram test and understanding my temperament was a surprise and I was WOWED by how you used that information throughout the design process.

No two sites she designs will ever be alike because where other designers stop- she see’s further depth. Monica is also an expert StoryBrand marketer and will tell your story in a powerful way that connects with your clients in a way that yours competitors cannot.

- Julie Holly | Three Keys Investments | Ask Me How I Know Podcast


Fireside Retreats

"Monica FAR exceeded all my expectations.

If you get the opportunity to work with her, don't let it pass you by. Though it wasn't my initial intention, I decided to go for a complete rebranding package, and I can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever done for my business.

If you're on the fence, just go for it.

Her creativity, amazing communication, organization and professionalism set her apart from the crowd. And, as a bonus, she's so kind and pleasant to work with!


I'm thrilled with the work Monica did and would recommend her to anyone who has the opportunity to collaborate with her."

- Emily C. |


Gaelin Speaks

"The main reason I wanted to get a designer was that I was starting to get bigger clients and my DIY site wasn't presentable enough. I got a high quality keynotes speaker site that anyone I run into if I know them or now are blown away by my site. If you are in a similar place I was pull the trigger. This is a site I will have for the next 5 to 10 years.

 We took a lot of my past and who I was as a person to shape the brand and I think we did a phenomenal job. I felt like an active participant and I was learning through the process. She was very intentional with allowing me to understand why we were doing something and how I can do it myself. I wouldn't have gotten that anywhere else. I 100% recommend Monica to anyone ready to take the next step in their business and if you want more than just what you ask of a designer."

- Gaelin Elmore | Speaker, Former NFL Player

Michelle Despres

"Monica has a gift for understanding your business and capturing your vision better than you do. Her artistic nature drives her extensive technical skills and speed.
There is no angle she doesn’t cover.

I used to create my own Wordpress sites although they never quite worked right. When I needed to shift platforms, I decided to hire someone to create my new business site. I was nervous. That’s a lot money in the hopes someone can do it correctly. Thankfully, I found Monica. She made the process simple and fearless.

Monica did a phenomenal job helping me understand what the project would entail. I had no surprises.
I will always recommend Monica’s services to anyone who needs a website. She have an uncanny ability to understand what a business owner does and needs – truly a gift."

- Michelle DesPres | Intuitive Therapist & Author


My Baby Experts

“Monica is one of the most committed and easy to work with designers I've ever had the pleasure of working with!

I love how easy it is to flow with Monica, she is creative, adaptable, and always responsive, making sure my needs are always met. Treating my business, as if it were hers.”

- Shari Criso RN, CNM, IBCLC


As a brand rep and breastfeeding educator with dvd's licensed to hospitals and clinics around the U.S. Shari has been helping mom's in all stages of early motherhood with advice and instruction videos weekly to her private community of over 16 thousand.

Launching her online course and membership was the next step to help more women answer those questions and feel empowered to breastfeed naturally at home.



Faisal Ensaun

“I wanted help to get my message out. I didn't know how to do that myself even thought I have been doing this since 2015. My challenge was most people don't know what coaching is (it's not just giving advice) and it's hard to explain because it's a very experiential thing. Monica helped me hone in my story to really get that message out of me authentically so they really understand what I do.

She really does care. If you're open to it she really can help you figure out your authentic message. She went deeper and helped guide me in this process. She is a genius at what she does. As she worked on it more and more I got even more excited about it.


Every step of the way I felt so relieved. I have already seen some of the results! Without this work I don't think I'd be here and I feel really blessed. ”

- Faisal Ensaun | CPHC & Co-Founder Coach Mastery Community

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Cross Mountain Capital

"Our only hesitation was giving project to a solo vs a larger website company but her individual attention, communication, timeline, planning and execution was all on point.  We believe our new website will build more trust and confidence with prospective investors.


Monica provided outstanding value and communication with a personal and tailored approach.


We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a personalized website vs cookie cutter designs and large companies who provide worse product for a much higher price."

- Michael G. | Founder Cross Mountain Capital

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David R. York

"I loved and appreciated working on my logo

and website with Monica. I wasn't sure what I wanted but I followed the process. She had a really amazing systemized process to help me get where I wanted to be.


She  put something together that made me say:
"That's it. That's exactly what I wanted."

I can't recommend Monica more highly. If you work with her you will most definitely be excited and proud of what she can put together for you."

- David R. York | Author, Attorney & Managing Partner