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Steeve Breton - Real Estate Investing Mentor and Speaker 3.jpg
Velocity Capital

Steeve Breton | Founder

"The copy is powerful. Monica helped me a great deal with my content. She interviewed me about content I didn’t have time to write and I love the results so I sent more projects her way for my social media content.


I am thrilled with all of it. By the way, my website is driving tons of sign ups.  Probably 200% more than before. Super happy with it!”

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Three Keys Investments
& The Conscious Investor

Julie Holly | Founder & Speaker

"No two sites she designs will ever be alike because where other designers stop- she see’s further depth.


Monica is also an expert Story Brand marketer and will tell your story in a powerful way that connects with your clients in a way that yours competitors cannot."

Flight Commerce

Ian Cordell

"Our branding project has moved us from tongue and cheek slogans & lingo, to solid brand communication and promotion. Our flight commerce brand differentiates us clearly from our competitors.  Our brand is the “coolest” in our space, and will generate lots of new revenue.

Monica has been engaging, insightful and on target with design and branding content.  Her friendly enthusiasm complements her extraordinary talents to make a perfect partner.  This branding project had been on the runway too long, she got us airborne within a couple weeks."

Synergetic Investment Group

Jeff Greenberg

"I was definitely hesitant about remaking a website, but the website was over 10 years old, and I figure it was time to rebrand. Monica took a close look at me and what my needs were and also determined what would be best for my audience. My past website was very bland, very much like everybody else with no real story. Now it’s a story about us and our avatars. I appreciate what she was able to come up with.  So I'm very excited to start pushing traffic toward my website and see our results."

Synergetic Brand Mockup with Shadow Full.png
Emily 1.jpg
Fireside Retreats

Emily Conley

"It's hands down, the best thing I've ever done for my business. I feel empowered moving forward in my business. I feel like I own a piece of art.

If you get the chance to work with Monica, do it, just go for it. Take on the whole package. It's worth it."

Cross Mountain Capital

Michael Gilman

"We believe our new website will build more trust and confidence with prospective investors. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a personalized website with a an outstanding designer vs cookie cutter designs and large companies who provide worse product for a much higher price."


—  Michael G. | Cross Mountain Capital

Jessica Wilson Law

Estate Attorney

"We grab my client’s attention and do it in an authentic way.


I really feel that this is going to be a huge step forward in my practice. I have a site that I am very proud of, and I have all the tools to more forward. I highly recommend Monica.”

Cornerstone Acquisitions

Heatherly Cabral

"You will have real clarity through her process. Monica is extremely talented. Before working with Monica I knew our company had a niche in the market, but not to the extent of after working with Monica. It is an honor to have Monica on board. It is worth the investment! "

Gaelin Speaks

Gaelin Elmore
Speaker & Former NFL Player

"We partnered to make my dream come to life and we absolutely did everything I wanted to. We took a lot of my past and who I was as a person to shape the brand and I think she did a phenomenal job.


I felt like an active participant and I was learning through the process. She was very intentional with allowing me to understand why we were doing something and how I can do it myself. I wouldn't have gotten that anywhere else.


I 100% recommend Monica to anyone ready to take the next step in their business and if you want more."

Michelle Despres

Author, Speaker & Therapist

"Monica is one of the most dedicated professionals I have ever come across. Monica held me hand and directed me through what is an exceptionally intricate process. Making it feel easy and providing me with an end result that awes me still. Plus my book sales have exponentially increased and I don’t market by traditional means!"


I now work primarily with Real Estate Investors because your flooded market is filled with brand clones. Your industry has to build more trust and credibility than almost any brand or company out there, and the strategies are shifting.


You have the biggest opportunity to forge a stronger and more humanistic brand than your peers and competitors.

7 - Ohana.png
Ohana Investment Group

Eyal Ohana

"When I started this, I expected it to be very simple and can’t not imagine the detail that Monica was able to get from me.  She really took my vision to whole new level, and I am so grateful to connect with her and have her work on my brand. She made everything so easy and detailed all the information I need to know. I really enjoyed the process and can NOT see a better fit for my brand. 

Dasha Beardsley

Lone Star Capital & Radiance Living

"Our before was a website that basically just checked off the box that we have one. We now have a website that we are proud of and want to drive traffic to. I am very pleased with the end result, even when I didn’t have much of a vision for it. I felt Monica really helped me find what I was looking before, before I even knew what it was.  "

Bronco Unlimited

Ryan Jones & Austin Linney

“I had faith in what she was going to deliver. I loved her energy in the project and dedication to bring the most of our heart and soul out in this project it really made a huge difference."
- Ryan Jones


“We were blown away by the work that she did. I felt like I got double the value for what was created. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She has attention to detail and makes sure that it’s all the way done not half-assed."
- Austin Linney

My Baby Experts

Shari Criso | MNS, RN, CNM, IBCLC

"Monica is one of the most committed and easy to work with designers I've ever had the pleasure of working with! I love how easy it is to flow with Monica, she is creative, adaptable, and always responsive, making sure my needs are always met. Treating my business, as if it were hers.

She will be an incredibly valuable asset to your business, just as she will always be to ours!"


Branding is no longer just design...

What it's evolved into and continues to evolve into is bigger and more conscious than that.

Branding is ethereal because it’s a web of concepts and perceptions that make your idea, your service and your persona recognizable.

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