As an artist & office slave turned brand coach and designer I was able to:

  • Quit my desk job in 5 months

  • Travel out of country + somewhere new a few times a year

  • Design google ads for Forbes every month for over a year

  • Speak in and teach networking and mastermind groups...

& I've helped over 75 coaches, speakers, authors and businesses become incomparable, on fire, on brand, on purpose & onthentic with brand consulting & website design.

about us

What energy do you want to co-create your venture & dream with?

 “This has been an oasis for me. It's a gift to be able to connect with someone that you feel so blessed by their presence. Monica is so open minded and really listens.

I feel so blessed she was willing to take this project on.
I feel like I own a piece of art.”

- Emily C. | Fireside Retreats


monica fawn

Branding Coach, Designer
& Podcast Host

I’m an adventurous homebody.

If I’m not reading while snuggled up with my kitty in my home office, creating designs or teaching and recording - you’ll find me in the rocky mountains or on a tropical beach.

It wasn't always this way... I used to be a desk jockey. I rocked a desk day in and day out. In offices with no windows for 10 years.


As an artist since childhood my extra time out of the office was spent creating and selling art and metal jewelry in stores and shows. 

It wasn't easy selling my art. I was so introverted and such a perfectionist it was a more anxious experience than not.
I didn't want to go full time with that though. I wanted my art to change someone's life. What art would do that?

In that frustration I found graphic design and branding. As a recovering perfectionist with fear, self-doubt and no classical training I felt the pressures of conforming to survive and competing to succeed like never before. 

I have struggled with being able to connect to my authentic self for decades. As soon as I did my business more then doubled and my clients got 10x the value.


created for:

& 85+ Amazing Clients & Projects


the team


I believe that we should work within our strengths and not let our weaknesses slow us down. These ladies support me in getting so much done and creating the best outcome possible for your project.

Luisa Garcia

Luisa is my creative and executive assistant. With her eye for design she helps me build my designs and does creative research. As a new mom and dress designer - creativity and heart is at the core of all she does.

"Being part of creating whole solutions and functional design makes me smile, and if I do I while drinking a good cup of coffee nothing gets better than that."

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"Since 2016, I've been editing for clients across the globe, polishing their message without losing their voice. My experience spans multiple genres in both fiction and nonfiction, such as business and lifestyle blogs, biographies and memoirs, and fantasy fiction."

As an artist and strategist I'm not the best at proof reading! Sarina makes sure everything we create for your project reads well and is 100% ready to go live!