Become Incomparable with a Stronger Brand 

We develop leading brands so you can master your industry and attract trophy clients

and investors authentically.


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Where can your brand take you?

Our magic happens when we work directly with the founders of professional and financial service businesses.

We work with you because your flooded market is filled with brand clones yet your industry has to build more trust and credibility than almost any other brand or company out there.

You have the biggest opportunity to forge an unsurpassable and more humanistic brand than your peers and competitors.

First we help you identify what makes your business extraordinary and where the market has brand gaps that you can leverage.


We then work on the brand strategy and positioning to craft a stronger brand for your business so you no longer have to compete for your ideal clients and investors—your brand attracts them.


That means we will work with you on your:

1: Brand Strategy

2: Brand Identity & Design

3: Message Frameworks

4: Website

5: Content

6: Marketing Plan

Speaker & Reformer

Personal brand identity strategy & design for Gaelin Elmore. A former NFL player who is creating champions and redefining what adversity means.

Realtor & Designer

Personal brand identity for Logan Aal Real Estate & Design. Realtor, interior designer and hospitality guru creating sacred spaces.

Attorney, Author, CPA & TedX Speaker

Personal brand identity for David. R. York, who's changing the way we think about inherited wealth.

Financial Advisor

Brand identity design for Joshua Hattig of Hattig Financial. A true investment planning partner who is the living emanation of stewardship.

Real Estate Investor

Branding strategy & identity for Velocity Capital. A multifamily syndicator and mentor who's a humble powerhouse and inspiration.

Therapist & Author

Personal brand strategy & identity for Michelle DesPres an intuitive therapist and educator of one of the highest forms of intelligence.

New York State Lawyer

Brand strategy & brand identity for Jessica Wilson Law, estate planner and lawyer for seniors, families, small businesses and artists.

Vacation Rental Company

Brand strategy and identity for Fireside Retreats. 16+ retreats in the Ozarks, each with a chance to sit fireside and reconnect as we have for thousands of years.

"My website is driving tons of sign ups.
Probably 200% more than before. 
Super happy with it!"

Steeve B. | Velocity Capital


Branding is just a perception that creates a desired reality overtime.

Our philosophies and approach is what gets our clients results.

Branding is R.E.D. ©

Your Reputation, client's Experience & Differentiation from the industry.

Brand Trust Pyramid ©

The Top 5 brand assets needed to build brand trust. Proven by studies to reduce your trophy client acquisition cost and time.


Step 1

Discovery Call


A 1-hour interview call where I will ask you a series of questions to get to know all about your clients, competitors, peers, and where you stand in your industry niche. We will look at, or identify the lack of your business plan, marketing, and current processes. Then we will discuss your long-term goals and vision for your business.

Step 2

Assessment & Direction


Investment of these steps:

$555 USD

Over the following week, we will do an audit and analysis of your current content, brand, marketing, assets, and systems in place. We will complete some preliminary research of your ideal clients and audience and I will get back to you with an assessment document with the findings.


This document will highlight what you are doing well and where there is the most room for improvement. Included will be a few step- by-step plans and resources to implement our suggestions and strengthen your branding and marketing.

You can take these steps and implement them yourself or with your team. If or when you feel like it's the time to fully invest in developing your brand and business, you can find our services in the next section.


Startups & Solopreneurs


$13k - $18k

Develop your brand strategy, positioning in the market, brand identity design, main message, logo, streamlined powerhouse website, added integrations and social media guide.


This may include some additional services for startups like naming, offering pricing & positioning strategy etc.


This ensures your audience experience is consistent and your marketing has clear direction.

Professional Services & Investment Groups


$20k - $35k

This is our most popular branding package because it fulfills the needs of smaller groups and firms that are ready to scale but want more support both during and after the project.

This includes additional assets and higher level brand strategy.

We include everything listed in the previous service, but also include additional research, more message frameworks, content, marketing planning, and business brand processes & opportunities.

This generates more trophy clients.

Industry Masters


$45K +

Up to 12 months of additional support.

Full-service offering with the possibility of in-person support. An intensive rebrand with strategy, planning, development, & assistance with execution.


We stay on retainer (included in price) to research, review, and analyze your branding and marketing  with monthly allotted consulting.


This is best for those who need to build massive trust for larger client investments and would benefit from a CVO, personal rep, consultant and third-party feedback.

Trophy clients + accelerated growth & opportunities.

IMG_8866 2.JPG

"Monica provided the map and guidance I needed to level-up my website and marketing. She's an extraordinarily talented Marketing & Branding Sherpa.

When dealing with large investments, having a professional site is not optional. Before I didn't want to send anyone to my website. It embarrassed me and was hard to work on so I felt helpless. Now I send EVERYONE to my site!

No two sites she designs will ever be alike because where other designers stop- she see’s further depth. Monica is also an expert brand story marketer and will tell your story in a powerful way that connects with your clients in a way that yours competitors cannot."


—  Julie Holly | Three Keys Investments & The Conscious Investor Podcast


Hear what some of our past clients have said...


You are distinct from everyone else in your industry. Your work can have a greater impact.
Let’s make it visible. 


Director & Brand Strategist

Monica Fawn


Proof Reader & Editor

Sarina Cornthewaite


Executive Assistant & Dev.

Luisa Garcia

BEC Event 2022-135_edited.jpg

Podcast Manager

Natalie Erickson


Video Editor & YouTube Spec.

Daniel Fortner

George Headshot_edited.jpg

Graphic Designer

George Tampakis

hippler-200916-alex120 copy_edited.jpg


Alex Horning

We pride ourselves on making complex and intangible concepts simple & logical.


It’s our mission to inject your authenticity into your brand to build trust and a more human connection with your audience.


Meet the Creative Director,
Brand Strategist & Consultant

Hey there! I’m Monica Fawn.
I'm hired to help clients stand apart in their field, establish their professional reputation, meet their business goals and build brand trust so that they can exponentially grow their revenue and reach new levels of success while staying authentic.

I combine strategic thinking, human and marketing psychology, empathy, intuition, creativity and research to not only create a unique and recognizable visible brand, but use demographics and psychographics to communicate in a way that leads to more connection and commitments from your leads.


From a background as an artist and in marketing, I was able to leave my office job in early 2018 to work freelance with clients and other agencies creating stronger brands and marketing assets such as planning and designing the Google display ads for Forbes magazine for over a year and a half.


I believe that you don’t have to be something you’re not to reach the pinnacle of your success — you need more of who you truly are.